Pivotal Moments in History, Epic Adventures, and Mystery 
~ with a Time Travel Twist ~


 Morgan O'Neill's award-winning Elizabethan Time Travel Series is now available as audiobooks!

"Brilliant… A fascinating blend of historical facts interwoven with mystery, romance and suspense." ~ Jean Seifert, Top 1000 Reviewer Amazon Australia

Wonderful news! Top 100 Romance Novels of All Time, Oshawa Public Libraries, Ontario, Canada included our entire Roman series: Love, Eternally, After the Fall, and Return to Me.

"The trilogy is a fitting tribute to the rich and powerful culture that was ancient Rome." ~Becky Lower, Amazon best-selling author.

Medieval Italy awaits you in our epic time travel duo!

"Impeccable research and characterization, and the world-building, was mesmerizing as the authors send the reader through ancient Italy and beyond." Erin Richard, USA Today best-selling author.

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